Storage & Upkeep

Tips for upkeep and storage

You’ll enjoy our products for a long time if you follow a few guidelines:


Seasonal decorations, e.g. Christmas wreaths, seasonal bouquets and arrangements, should be stored in a dry place, e.g. in the attic, and loosely wrapped according to their size, e.g. in a light plastic bag, so that they are protected from dust.


Preserved flowers and grasses are as sensitive as fresh flowers and should not be touched.
Due to UV radiation in daylight fabric flowers and leaves may bleach or change their color over time. As we use high quality materials this effect usually only occurs after a few of years of exposure if at all. To enjoy your decorations for a long time you should treat them like fresh flowers and keep them away from direct sunlight or strong artificial light.

Outdoor use

Our products are - unless specifically stated - only intended to be used indoors. However, you can temporarily use them outside in a dry and windless place.

Fire and open light

Our products are made of material that can catch fire if exposed to a source of ignition. If you would like to put a candle in a Christmas wreath, e.g. place the candle in a lantern. Put some sand at the bottom of the lantern to make sure the candle stands securely.


Remove dust carefully with a soft brush. Do not use a wet cloth or a hairdryer.


Even if they look just like real flowers our products do not need water and should not come into contact with water.
The crepe paper used at the stem is not water-resistant and can stain when wet.

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